Robotic Check-Up


   There is a new technology that has been made and this robotic pillar is called “RP-VITA,” it lets a Registered Nurse to contact the doctor to see what is going on while the nurse is doing a check up on a patient. The RP-VITA can now patrol hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms to make sure that they are ok and manages their individual charts and vital signs without direct human intervention. This technology was made by a company called iRobot corp. this piece of new hardware is the first such autonomous navigation remote-presence robot to receive FDA clearance for hospital use. This technology is a cost-effective and increasingly potent meaning to connect clinics in the vast and medically underserved rural regions of the United States with big city medical centers and their specialty. The Telemedicine is a well-established as a tool for triage and to asses in emergencies.  This device is a mobile cart with a two-way screen and medical monitoring equipment, it can be programmed and to maneuver throughout the busiest halls of a hospital to get to the patients that need there physical getting done because the nurse or doctor have a lot of patients that he or she does not have the time to come in the patient’s room in person to get a proper physical.



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