A new electronic pill that can combat obesity.

Today in America, many people are suffering through obesity, lets just put everything on the table. We the people are an emotional creatures and when things get to us we start by always going to the number one thing that can comfort us and that’s food. By binging in food to much will result in being overweight, sometimes people don’t realize that they are going to far until they are looking upon themselves in the mirror. It can be very stressful for one to see themselves looking in mirror in disgust of they reach to this kind of predicament. Now there is a new piece of technology that can combat obesity, a company named MelCap Systems that has created a electronic pill in praying of combating this dilemma.

Electronic Obesity Pill

   MelCap Systems is Currently working on the development of the electronic pill and has also been granted a patent for its release when the time comes.

Here are the things that the new MelCap Systems electronic pill works:

  • The patient digest the pill device, which is roughly the size of a daily vitamin.
  • The pill device will start to travel through the patients stomach, where it starts to absorb fluids so it can expand.
  • A external magnet will help guide the pill to rest in a perfect place in the stomach.
  • A patient can amazingly control the pill from their smart phone device. When electronic pill is ready for a command, it will electronically stimulate the stomach,  Which then travels to the brain to tell that the food is too much and that’s all for the stomach to consumed.
  • The patient avoid overeating, which can help him or her consuming fever calories in a day.
  • After 4 weeks, the pill device is naturally passing through the digestive system.

This Treatment with the help of MelCap Systems can prove that this electronic pill device can help revolustionize the problems with obesity and it can help A lot of patients reach their ultimate goal and that’s staying healthy.


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