New Technology for Taking Glucose

In the medical field, it’s been decades that in hospitals are always sticking patients for blood sugar the old fashion way. But now there is a new way of taking patient’s blood sugar that have diabetes.  A company that is called Echo Therapeutics, which is stationed in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is making a patch device called Symphony. Now what the company is trying to do is replacing the need of using needles to stick the patients for blood sugar. the Symphony patch device is a biosensor that reads blood analysts through a person’s skin without the need for drawing blood. This technology has to involve in handling electronic-toothbrush-like device that have to remove just a little amount of top-layer of skin cells to actually putting the patient’s blood chemistry within the signal range of the patch-born biosensor. The biosensor then sensors and collect one reading per minute and then sends the data through wirelessly to a remote monitor, then triggering audible alarms when levels go out of the patient’s optimal range and then tracking glucose levels within time. This is one of the most advanced technology in the medical field and is being developed for this sole purpose. It would be a great addition to the many hospitals that don’t have to stick patients for blood sugar because sometimes when you are poking the patients for where ever find a vein, is not always easy to find and that can cause for the skin to look discolored and maybe edema (swelling).


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