A new Catheter for Patients that are going for Open Heart Surgery

A new trans catheter aortic valve was made and manufactured by a company name Edwards Life Sciences that is stationed at Irvine, California. This piece of an equipment is for patients that are having a open heart surgery and that needs a new valve but cannot resist the rigors of the operation. This is a good thing to know especially for nurses that are working in the hospital and is working on a floor that deals with cardiac surgery patients. It is called the Sapien and it has been released in Europe for quite some time but is now started to make its first appearance in the United States heart centers, when they are only limited only to the frailest patients thus so far. The Sapien Trans catheter does to is that it is guided through the femoral artery that by a catheter from a small incision that is near the grown or rib cage. This valve material is made up of bovine tissue which is attached to a stainless-steel stent, it is expanded by inflating a small balloon when correctly, placed in the valve spaced. A more easier procedure is that to promise dramatically shorter hospitalizations are bound to have a positive effect on the cost of care for patients.


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