A New Way for People with Optical Problems

KARMA Inlay Corneal Implant

There are most people who cannot stand wearing glasses all the time, so they try to find ways to replace their reading glasses by wearing contacts. But that don’t always work for some people. But now there is this invention that can replace the reading glasses that people have long for that have presbyopia, the blurred vision that many of our people that are of age of 40 and over experience when reading. There is a group called AcuFocus that have been receiving approval from the FDA from 2 years ago on April 5, 2015. They have been giving this approval of the FDA because they have seen the results when AcuFocus has been conducting 5-years in clinical study of 508 patients. The name of this invention is call KARMA Inlay. And what this piece of device is a circular, opaque device, which is only done by surgically implanted in a patient non-dominant eye. For Patients who have not been in a cataract surgery before, this device can extend the depth-of-focus and will allow the patient, he or she, too easily read or work on the computer without their reading glasses.  According to the FDA, they say that this KARMA Inlay Corneal Implant marks the first major advancement in presbyopia surgery in over a decade. This implant is now available in over 50 countries and it’s will certainly help many patients see more clearly and more accurately.


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