In Implant that Accurately Predicts Which Cancer Drugs Work

Implant to Predict Effective Cancer Drugs

As everybody likely to know, there is still not enough information that we know about cancer because not all cancer is the same. But there is a drug that can destroy a tumor in a single patient, and could be completely ineffective in another. The problematic of this is that, there are a enormous amount of different cancer drugs on the market. Furthermore, trying to predict which kind of drug that will work on a patient has been a little more than a educated guessing. Until recently, that is. There is a researching team that is from MIT that have been developing and testing a tiny, implantable device that can accurately predict which kind of drug that would work on a specific tumor. When the device is implanted into a tumor, this tiny device releases minute quantities of different cancer modifications. There are variety of medications that have an affect only if one can get a slice of the tumor from a patient. After that, the Doctor can see which parts of the tumor that reacted the best and then he or she makes the final judgement of which course of action to take. Without a doubt, time is of the essence when it comes to treating a cancerous patient. Being able to discover this breakthrough would mean that spending less time with the wrong treatments and relinquishing the patient more time with the best treatment that the patient’s Doctor could possibly give.


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