New Smart, Huggable bear to Comfort Children’s Anxiety in Hospitals

Smart Huggable Bear

Children in hospitals is rough, because there are some children don’t know how serious their disease or whatever kind symptom they have till they get older and it can be a scary thing for a child once they understand what kind of position that they are in. Another thing is that for a child that should stay in the hospital till the Doctor knows what disease that they are dealing with, it can be boring for a child in the hospital because he or she doesn’t have anything to cope with the pain that they are feeling and the feeling of being alone from time to time and not have anybody to conversant with. So Now, there is a tech toy that have been made to be huggable, and that is an interactive teddy bear that was developed by the MIT Media Lab. What this huggable teddy bear device does is that it can help ease the children’s anxiety in the hospital by asking the children questions, joking with them, and the huggable teddy bear device is equipped to also play games. This teddy bear’s name is Huggable, and it will also be equipped with sensors that can tell how hard a patient is squeezing, which without a doubt can be effective in every way to measure a child’s pain. One will have to really see the video and to be amaze about how this huggable teddy bear device can help children cope with their problem. And to come to a full understanding of how amazing this bear is.

Here is a link to the video of this amazing Robotic Teddy Bear for children in Hospitals



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