There is a new Technology that can help cut back on Melanoma Biopsies

There is a new way on cutting back on melanoma Biopsies. A group called “MELA Sciences” have made a   device called MelaFind Optical Scanner, which is approved by the FDA to reduce the quantity of patients left with unnecessary biopsy scars and the chance to eliminate the cost of unnecessary procedures. I think that is wonderful things because people that have medical insurance they still can’t pay for the expense of the procedure getting done. So, the insurance company will have to let one pay the other half of the procedure being done. The dermatologist really did make the right call of teaming up with the most brilliant minds to make this MelaFind Optical Scanner technology the key to helping patients that have skin cancer and more that must do with skin. What the MelaFind Technology uses is the missile navigational technology that was originally paid from the department of defense to scan the surface of the suspicious lesion at 10 electromagnetic wavelengths. Collecting the signals is a process by using heavy duty algorithms and matched to go against a registry of 10,000 digital images of melanoma and skin disease. the MelaFind Optical Scanner is not just for diagnosing but to give accurate information to the doctor so he or she can determine rather to order for a biopsy or not.


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